POINTY BITS (Sword Sale, Samurai swords for sale, knives for sale too)

This  is my Black Dragon Ninjatou its NOT FOR SALE (on this site anyway), but GORGEOUS neh?
(click on the image for full video from Hazama Yakiba)

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Welcome to the cutting edge in 21st century sword and knife collecting. That blade you always wanted but couldn’t afford could be merely a click away.  Pointy Bits is a sword and knife collecting site like no other, we’d rather see you walk away with knowledge than anything we have on sale. Certainly, we have swords for sale, and some very nice ones at that, but ultimately we are driven by a deep love of fine metallurgy, an intense admiration for fine blacksmithing, and a desire to promote sport of tameshigiri and the hobby of blade collecting(and the pleasure of putting that treasured collectors item in someone’s hand for less than a month’s pay).
Elsewhere you will find vague descriptions, blurry pictures, and sword dealers who tell you the sword is made of “very top high grade steel best to work with” when you ask about the carbon content or HRC. Here you can get a microscopic photo of the edge, damascus pattern, or hamon on request, we include hardness at edge and spine, and carbon content when available (we tend to avoid makers who won’t disclose ‘em) in our descriptions, and we personally test our swords for balance, and ease of use, and if we can in a cutting demo (if you are in the Bay Area contact us about tameshigiri parties!).
We do have a number of items available as examples of what can be found, and for collectors and practitioners like ourselves who don’t have a boatload of cash to spend, but want decent steel. Accordingly we strive for fairness and honesty in all of our dealings, and wherever possible buy direct from the makers. By eliminating the middleman, we can offer you very reasonable prices with a very high standard of quality control. In these hard times, we have folded steel for the 99%, from the beginning collector, to the low budget Samurai or Shinobi, to the re-enactor or the serious collector.
Please visit our blog “Musashi’s Oar” and our “About Us” page for more information, rants, and general notes on sword culture, and view our“Gallery of Gorgeous Hamon” and “MINE” pages for inspiration and drool fodder (and we will soon be setting up a gallery of microphotographs for your edification and delictation)
Whether it be bushido, a collector’s jones, or the perfect hunter/skinner for the woodsman on your gift list that you want, we hope to have the steel to satisfy you. All Pointy Bits are sharp, full-tang, battle ready(dull)  and tameshigiri grade(beyond sharp) replicas of historical weapons, and/or beautiful works of art- please obey any laws of the land, and always treat your Pointy Bits with respect.-
Pointy Bits are suitable for martial arts practice, display, general use, Tameshigiri, Iado, Kendo, self defense, home or homeland security, dress up (cosplay),  dressing out game, or just slicing onions by the campfire. You name it, Pointy Bits are up for almost anything.